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This wiki is intended to serve as a reference site for sharing Visual Basic Macro Code. You can browse through this site and get the macro code you want. If you intend to share your macro code with others, you can do that too here. Just sign in to Zoho and create a new page.

What is a Macro?

A macro is a saved sequence of actions that are stored for later use. Most of the tasks in a spreadsheet may be performed repeatedly (for example, fetching live stock data from an external website -> populate the data to a cell range -> format the data in an aesthetic way -> and, repeat these tasks daily in a scheduled manner). Macros helps in automating these kind of tasks and accomplishing them in a single click.

VBA Programming:

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is the programming language used to write macros. For more information on VBA Programming, refer the following external links:

kdinesh 2478 - days ago 
Is it possible to create buttons which run the macros, rather than going to the macros menu?
kdinesh 2478 - days ago 
Can I create a Hyperlink in Sheet1 which will take me to Sheet2?
walter_ochynski 2374 - days ago 
Is it possible to create functions as with EXCEl VBA?
Yes, You can create functions and you can call that function in any procedure or other functions. You can't call that function directly from a cell as Excel functions.
cobyzoho 2330 - days ago 
As Microsoft points out, Microsoft can't "anticipate every calculation need of every user", nor can Zoho. Therefore, Microsoft provides, and Zoho should too, "the ability to create custom functions".

I can create the custom function in a macro module, as I can in Excel, but you don't seem to want me to execute it. I get an "#Invalid Formula!" error message displayed in the cell.

This is a HUGE, crippling omission, a major error!


Create your own worksheet functions

Although Microsoft Office Excel 2007 includes a multitude of built-in worksheet functions, chances are it doesn’t have a function for every type of calculation you perform. The designers of Excel couldn’t possibly anticipate every calculation need of every user. So instead, Excel 2007 provides you with the ability to create custom functions, which are explained in this article.

Currently we are not supporting custom function in Zoho Sheet. We will look to support this in future.
smithscf 2242 - days ago 
Please support custom functions. Scientists and engineers need a Zoho Sheet program to calculate many types of custom functions, frequently repetitive. Please put it at the top of your list as we really don't need many of the features used in business!!! Otherwise, there is only Excel, which although lacking in so many ways, is still highly useful in engineering education. Thanks!
Zoho Sheet Admin 2173 - days ago 
@kdinesh: we have added support for buttons. Kindly check http://blogs.zoho.com/sheet/new-in-zoho-sheet-insert-buttons-xlsx-support-time-zone-preference
frazayn 1964 - days ago 
Is there any chance to copy or move a worksheet from one book to another?
sheet 1959 - days ago 
Currently we are not supporting copy or move worksheet across Workbooks.
ilumshem 1911 - days ago 
It would be great to have my macros available not only in the spreadsheet the reside in (eg. paste special - and many more the like which are applicable to every and any sheet around)
me36835 1787 - days ago 
An excel sheet with a non ascii character in the name like a German Umlaut is not shown in the Macro editor.
Rob Lieving 1760 - days ago 
I have 2 requests - this is a good start, but there are some obvious omissions.

First - when will User Defined Functions (UDF's) be ready? This is key to VBA and should be able to be implemented (by Zoho) rather easily. Without UDF's, this VBA is weak.

Second - the VBA editor needs to be improved to allow for multiple modules. Right now the only option is embedding most of the code in the spreadsheets for organizational purposes. I guess that's OK, but it seems like the ability to make multiple modules and rename them would be pretty easy to fix.
colby.kine 1754 - days ago 
if you want to create a custom function create it and call it in a sub and have that sub put its output in the selected cell you will have to create some way to pass in the data your function needs and call it using the macro menu but it will work if you need to see this in action go to this worksheet..... http://sheet.zoho.com/public/colby.kine/macros
labovirologie 1242 - days ago 
Hello, please what I have to do to protect macro against users if they decide to clear them?
spectramollisol 1216 - days ago 
I'm using ZOHO Sheet at the moment because a macro I created in one version of Excel (2007) on a computer in one location is lost to another version (2003) of Excel on a second computer in another location.

Unfortunately, Application.InputBox doesn't work on ZOHO sheet macros and I can't find info on what I can use in a Zoho sheet to replace it.

I see some of the avaialble MACROS use MsgBox.

Where can I find info on what ZOHO sheet supports re: VBA?

I have another macro that works ok on ZOHO except for something very minor.

I'm also wondering where I can find info about portability to, and compatibility with, OpenOffice and CALC macros.
spectramollisol 1215 - days ago 
I found what Microsoft Excel classes and VBA modules are supported on the VBA Object Explorer webpage.

beatles 1208 - days ago 
Custom Functions is certainly a task which is useful, but can be replaced by VBA procedures as well. They then would calculate the model in the order the user wants it to.
fordoc 1196 - days ago 
Is it possible to create buttons which run the macros, rather than going to the macros menu?
fordoc 1196 - days ago 
Sorry, I wanted to say " is it possible to use combination of keys to run macro" (it seems that "onKey" does not work
Juan 1185 - days ago 
It's possible Insert a UserForm?
Ramesh Sripathy 1185 - days ago 
@fordoc: No, keyboard shortcuts for macros is currently not supported.

@juanmanuelgc: Sorry, UserForms are not supported in Zoho Sheet. You can check if our online form creation-database application, Zoho Creator: http://www.zoho.com/creator/ suits your requirement.
ltianl 1139 - days ago 
ltianl 1139 - days ago 
shravantcl 764 - days ago 
can we make user form
bencook2000 692 - days ago 
insert-button-macro in button settings-
hope this helps a little
Ivonne Wang 450 - days ago 
Why the macro I created doesn't reside in another instance of Zoho? Is this the normal behavior?
shakti139 394 - days ago 
HI I am new to ZOHO so please excuse my lame questions.
But do the ZOHO support consuming an web service and pulling data from there?

if so any help in this regard would be great.
ng1012 230 - days ago 
How to create a macro to do what the introduction page said? ( fetching live stock data from an external website -> populate the data to a cell range -> format the data in an aesthetic way -> and, repeat these tasks daily in a scheduled manner) I want to get the stock price from yahoo everyday but need to change the link. Does zoho support Add Query?

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